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The Best Fish Restaurants in Helsinki

Helsinki is about many things, such as its beautiful seaside views, lively cultural life and delicious food culture. Helsinki is located by the sea, but Helsinki has not been famous for fish restaurants though. Of course, there are classics such as Restaurant Merimakasiini in Hietalahdenranta. With this blog post, we want to highlight the best seafood restaurants in Helsinki.

In addition to Merimakasiini, among the fish restaurants in Helsinki, Fisken på Disken, which has been serving wonderful taste experiences in Kortteli foodie court in Kamppi Shopping Center for several years, the legendary Restaurant Salve, and Meripaviljonki in Hakaniemi neighborhood come to mind. After a little searching, it can be stated that Boulevard Bar & Seafood, På Kroken Hakaniemi E. Ekström's kalapuoti "fish shop", Kalaliike S. Wallin Tripla, Tukkutori kala and Kalaliike Marja Nätti in Hakaniem Kauppahalli are complementary new generations. Excellent fish food is also said to be available at Bistro Bardot and Restaurant Nokka. Some are clearly lunch restaurants, some are full-fledged fish and shellfish restaurants, and some have only a large portion of fish and seafood dishes available.

The basic principles of Heleats' restaurant choices include that when choosing a restaurant, the average of the reviews should be at least 4/5, if you want to be sure of the quality of the experience, and the closer you are to the 4.5/5 average, the safer the choice. Below we have listed the six best of the above restaurants in the order determined by Google reviews. We give restaurant Nokka an honorable mention for the best review average, which is 4.6/5, but we do not include Nokka in the list, because fish plays a relatively small role on the menu. Bistro Bardot is included, even though it is not a full-fledged seafood restaurant, but the offer is nevertheless very versatile in the seafood department. This blog post is all about the best fish restaurants in Helsinki.

The Best Fish Restaurants in Helsinki TOP 6

The Best Fish Restaurants in Helsinki
Photo: Fisken på Disken | @bestinhel

  1. Fisken på Disken 4,5 / 5 Kortteli Foodie Court, Kamppi Shopping Center, 5th floor. Urho Kekkosen katu 1, 00100 Helsinki | @fiskendisken Fisken på Disken has been delighting seafood lovers for years right in the heart of Helsinki. With its decor, the restaurant has succeeded in fading the buzz of the shopping center relatively well, and at the latest at the point when the personal service and excellent dishes arrive at the table, you can completely forget where you are and surrender to the pleasures. The restaurant has become famous for its The Salmon Soup, but we warmly recommend enjoying the long-form chef's menu. There is usually also a vegetarian and meat option on the menu.

  2. Boulevard Bar & Seafood 4,4 / 5 Bulevardi 6, 00120 Helsinki | @boulevardhelsinki Boulevard Bar & Seafood represents the newcomers to seafood restaurants on the Boulevard. The restaurant is in the same family as W-restaurants (formerly BW-Restaurants) and the skippers are Matti Wikberg and Sylvester Soisalo. Boulevard Bar & Seafood is suitable for atmospheric late-night dinners. Of the restaurants on the list, Boulevard Bar & Seafood leans the most towards fine dining, and the experience is sure to be top-notch every time.

  3. Bistro Bardot 4,3 / 5 Kluuvikatu 1, 00100 Helsinki | @bistro_bardot Bistro Bardot is located right in the heart of Helsinki on Kluuvikatu and serves foodies seven days a week. The restaurant run by Hans Välimäki is known for its RAW bar, where you can find a variety of fresh seafood. According to its own words, the restaurant describes itself as a relaxed bistro-brasserie where traditional French and modern cooking meet. There is a drink bar attached to the restaurant and the menu is even surprisingly extensive, so in that sense it is a great option for different groups.

  4. Ravintola Merimakasiini 4,3 / 5 Hietalahdenranta 14, 00180 Helsinki | @merimakasiini Ravintola Merimakasiini is perhaps Helsinki's most legendary seafood restaurant in the industrial-romantic harbor milieu in Hietalahti Port. Merimakasiini has one of Helsinki's most traditional salmon soups and, of course, a seafood platter is also available daily. Merimakasiini is one of the few fish restaurants in a seaside location, and in summer the restaurant's terrace is a unique place to have lunch or dinner by the delicacies of the sea. Merimakasiini exudes nostalgia, the classic menu includes real seafood classics such as bouillabaisse, but the menu also includes delicious dishes representing modern cooking skills. Merimakasiini is the only seafood restaurant that serves seven days a week. Those following a vegetarian diet or meat lovers have not been forgotten at Merimakasiini, and the menu includes, among other things, the traditional pepper steak, which has been a popular classic for years.

  5. Tukkutorin kala 4,3 / 5 Työpajankatu 2 B, 00580 Helsinki | @tukkutorinkalaoy At Teurastamo - the meatpacking district of Helsinki - Tukkutori kala has been delighting seafood lovers for several years in the form of its fish shop and lunch. Sörnäinen - Kalastama is definitely a place worth a visit while on-the-go.

  6. Kalaliike S. Wallin | Mall of Tripla 4,3 / 5 Mall of TRIPLA Firdonkatu 2, 00520 Helsinki | @kalaliikes.wallintripla The more than a hundred-year-old specialist in seafood delicacies has become known for its excellent lunch at the Mall of TRIPLA shopping center. At the same time as the fishmonger lingers to pick up fresh sea delicacies to take home, you should definitely treat yourself to a varied lunch.

The first four of Top 6 restaurants are all great options for lunch or dinner. The last four restaurants on the list practically share third place, with each restaurant at the same average. Fisken på Disken and Merimakasiini, which belong to the Maestro Ravintolat family business, are more relaxed, but both offer a first-class experience. Boulevard Bar & Seafood is an excellent option for a more exclusive lunch or dinner. Bistro Bardot has become known for its excellent seafood dishes, but the list has a more diverse menu than the first three seafood restaurants if there are people on the trip who are not passionate about seafood. Tukkutori kala and Kalaliike S. Wallin are excellent lunch restaurants in connection with their fish shops. If you are on the move in the direction of Teurastamo or Pasila, these are certainly excellent lunch options. Among the other fish restaurants, Meripaviljonki, located in a maritime milieu, serves with an average of 4.2/5 and the legendary Restaurant Salve serves with an average of 4.1/5 - based on the reviews, both are excellent options. The average of Kalaliike Marja Nätti's reviews is 3.4 out of 5, and there are no Google reviews available for På Kroken in Hakaniemi Kauppahalli.

We are sure you find your favorite among these best fish restaurants in Helsinki to pay a visit.

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